I'm planning a thing. Check back soon.

I make a graphic after like a month and a bit and it had a massive typo lol whoops.

The deadly tactician and their guest of honor.

A little break

Hi all,

My sincere apologies for the lack of activity within the last couple of weeks. My grandma passed away and doing/making stuff for Tumblr has been at the bottom of things I want to do.

I hope to get back into it soon enough, but for now I need to take a break. Thank you for understanding.

All the best and I miss you guys. Stay cool everyone!


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deadsmondmiles replied to your post “I miss Assassin’s Creed so much. What happened?”

same lm aaoo

wildlinging replied to your post “I miss Assassin’s Creed so much. What happened?”


17fmoon replied to your post “I miss Assassin’s Creed so much. What happened?”

SAME. I really didn’t enjoy black flag like I loved previous games. not even sure if I finished it

I’ve queued up a billion AssCreed posts to my spam sideblog.

This is my coping mechanism. 

This is my life now.

I miss Assassin’s Creed so much. What happened?



I watched some of The Undertaker’s entrances on youtube for the first time and it was the best moments of my life I kid you not.


not changing ur url to maintain your brand recognition

Round 01-10 // HatingCoriander vs Mad-Adam
 I did it, I finished the thing. Here’s all the graphics from my side of the battle. Thanks Erik, I had heaps of fun!


Oh, Judas. That wound will take a long time to heal.

my Fugue Feast gift for scottishplayground

the prompt was “3. Billie finally meets the Outsider”!! i think it’s possible he tallked to her before the surge and have made snarky remarks about hurt and betrayal. 

Death is nature’s way of saying, “Your table’s ready.” - Robin Williams

But he wasn’t careful; a gift so powerful can be taken away as easily as it is given. All it takes is a single bite. As his eyes began to weep, he searched in vain for The Outsider, but found himself alone once again.
↳ Tales of Dunwall / Dishonored

Round 10 // HatingCoriander vs Mad-Adam
artist’s choice

tiredbrendon replied to your post: Like I know it’s not technically canon…

I played about a quarter of it and I really want to continue but i feel like I really need to pay all my attention to it

Dishonored is really great, but I can see why people wouldn’t like it? The story’s nothing new, the gameplay’s cool I guess but it’s not exactly a game changer, all the dudes have giant hands for some reason, choice and consequence could have been explored a little bit more; I don’t know, but I mean depending on the games you’d play, Dishonored might appear to be completely mediocre. And maybe it is, and I’m just wearing my Dishonored biased goggles again. Shoot me.

Personally, what sets it apart, and why I just resonate with it so well is the universe and the world they’ve built for it.

For me, the universe just feels different from anything else I’ve played; like, it’s on another level entirely. It’s like being stuck in some sort of wonderful TV tropes/wiki binge where information and lore flows seamlessly into each other ad infinitum.

idk sometimes with games I feel like I hit an invisible wall where parts of the lore hasn’t been written, or it simply feels too cheesy and tacked on? I’m hardly a wealth of gaming story knowledge so take my view with a grain of salt? 

I might not see or have access to all that delicious meta in a single playthrough, or even like it, but the fact that it’s there just makes it really enjoyable. Whether it’s an offhand remark by a NPC, in-game book, graffiti etc, Dishonored just feels great to be in. I’m not eloquent enough as other folks in this fandom to describe this feeling of well-roundedness but I reckon this world has it in spades!

The fandom is also amazing just quietly. The meta alone is worth the exploration. Like seriously, this stuff gives me energy and I’m so grateful.

tl;dr: In my opinion, Dishonored nailed the world building thing so give it another chance if you have the time.